Technology has changed our lives for the better. With everything moving online, from education to self-care, to retail, entertainment, games, dating, and more, there is an app for EVERYTHING!

So, here are favorite apps to download for 2022:

Fetch Rewards

Who doesn’t love rewards and cashback? We do for sure! The Fetch Rewards app is every lazy saver’s best friend. The app makes you eligible for rewards by simply taking a picture of your receipt from any grocery store. Make sure you claim the rewards within 14 days of your purchase.

How the rewards work: Earn up to 3,000 points and cash them out for a gift card that can be used at a number of retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and more.


You don’t have to clip coupons anymore to save a lot of money at the grocery store. Simply download the Ibotta app on your smartphone, check out the available offers, and scan a photo of your receipt. And, that’s it – you’ll get your cashback within 48 hours.

Autodesk Sketchbook

The free Sketchbook app offers users a wide variety of customizable drawing tools and brushes. Sporting features like a gallery organizer, pinch to zoom, and access to Dropbox or iCloud for online storage, this app is very easy to understand and use.


Have trouble sleeping? Headspace is here to help you find calmness and balance in your life with its guided meditation and mindfulness techniques. Its sleep-inducing music, storytelling podcasts, and nature soundscapes are bound to lull you into a deep sleep.


A woman’s best friend! Easily track your period, ovulation as well as physical and emotional states with Eve by Glow.

Baby Shusher

The Baby Shusher replicates rhythmic whooshing sounds to mimic what a baby hears in the womb. This method is proven to soothe a fussy baby. What’s more? The app automatically readjusts the volume when the baby gets louder.

Simply Piano

An excellent tool for piano players at any level, Simply Piano works with your real-life piano and registers what you play in order to give you real-time feedback. Simply place your device on your piano and start playing. You can also get access to a library of your favorite songs and courses for various skill levels.


A tattoo is a pretty permanent decision. Want to get one but unsure of how it’ll look on you? Download InkHunter and see how a tattoo will look on any part of your body or someone else. Tattoo artists swear by this app to help customers finalize their tattoos.