Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, allows players to unlock different skins for their characters and weapons, thus allowing them to customize and enjoy a unique gaming experience.

However, unlocking these skins isn’t easy. That said, we’ve listed down a few ways to get free skins:

Google Opinion Rewards

This option will only work for the mobile version of PUBG. All you have to do is download the app called Google Opinion Rewards from the Play Store, and you will get rewards for taking surveys. These surveys are usually very simple, and you get paid a good amount of money every time. Sometimes, the reward comes as a Google Pay Balance, that can be used to purchase anything from the Play Store.

PUBG Event Pass XP

Recently, PUBG introduced an experience system in the game, which acts as a mechanic along with its Event Pass system. When you earn experience, you level up your Event Pass, and this allows you to unlock rewards as you continue to progress. While some of these rewards might be permanent and some temporary, the XP is earned irrespective of whether you purchase the pass or not. However, remember that the premium rewards are only exclusive to those who own a pass.

Event Pass

By playing matches and completing missions, you can level up your Event Pass and earn XP.

To level up in the game, you need to have some boosters. One of the most recommended ways of leveling up is to have Unknown Cash (UC). This allows players to get lots of things done, particularly when premium features are needed.

Even if you’re a PUBG master, getting UC for free is a little tough. Here’s what you can do to get free UC:


Generally, you’d be able to earn more free UC via surveys if you have an Android phone. You can find several surveys online. This way, what you earn can be used to get UC on PUBG.

Elite Royale

Battling through Royale levels is another way to get free UC. However, you need to have UC to take part in this, and you can earn them back as soon as you complete the levels.

These levels are quite hard to cross, and you’re expected to battle it out against other players who are also aiming to climb a rank. Just like surveys, this route also takes time, but it will allow you to level up without struggling (which you would without any UC).