If you’ve just started playing Valorant, you must be aware of all the really cool skins they offer as add-ons for your weapons. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to get your hands on them.

To enhance the player experience, Valorant offers a huge assortment of unique skins for your weapons. You can get these skins from the Valorant store, by completing agent contracts or by using the Battle Pass.

Agent Contract

In collections, many weapons are labeled for agents. When you go under an agent’s contract, you can get the weapons. For instance, you can unlock the Snakebite Shorty skin towards the end of the contract once you go under a Viper contract.

Once you choose the characters you want to unlock, opt for agent contracts and grind till you level up. While this might take longer, this is one of the easiest ways to get skins without spending any money.

Battle Pass

Also known as story contracts, completing Battle Pass is another way to earn free skins. When you consistently play Valorant, you can progress and unlock different in-game cosmetics.

Valorant Points (VP)

This is the primary currency of the game. If you want to purchase the battle pass or upgrade your contracts, you need VP. You can also use these points to unlock skins.

Here’s how you can get free VP:

If you’re a few VP shy (less than 50) of buying an expensive item from the in-game store, you can contact Riot Games and ask them to give you credit. However, this will not always work.

If you have an artistic side, you can tap into it and send in your artwork to Riot Games. If they find your work impressive, they will credit VP for free, which can then be used to buy various skins from the store.

Radianite Points (RP)

This is another major form of currency used in the game. While RPs provide no advantages in the game, they can be used to customize the look and feel of your equipment and game.

The Battle Pass is your best option to get RP for free. If you win these battles, you get RP, which are your game rewards.