While applying for a credit card online is as easy as filling out a form, getting approved is much trickier. That said, a little know-how and planning can significantly increase your chances of getting approved.

Before you click “submit,” we recommend taking stock of your credit situation and comparing your options to find a card that best suits your credit profile. Here’s a look at some of the top credit cards right now and the process to apply for these cards.

Capital One Credit Card

The first step is using Capital One’s pre-approval tool. It’s quick, won’t hurt your credit score, and will show you which cards you could be eligible for before you apply. Next, pick the best offer from the cards you’re pre-approved for and click “Apply now.”  You’ll then have to answer a few more questions to finish the application.

Chase Credit Card

Review your credit history and look for errors. Next, head to the Credit Cards tab on the website to initiate an application for any card, including the Chase Freedom Unlimited® credit card and Chase Sapphire Preferred® credit card online.

If you’re unsure of which one to pick, use the Card Finder tool to identify which cards match your credit profile and best fit your needs.

Click “Apply Now” once you find an offer you like. You will be required to share details like your name and address, income and employment information, and Social Security Number (SSN), as part of the approval process. You may receive an instant approval or a response by mail or email in the next 10 days.

Citizens Bank Credit Card

Visit the website to apply for a Cash Back Plus® World Mastercard® or a Citizens Bank Clear Value® Mastercard® online. You will need to enter information like your full name, Social Security Number, date of birth, current address, and annual income on the application form.

Once approved, your new card will arrive in the mail in a few weeks.

Bank of the West Credit Card

Once you’re ready to apply, compare credit cards on the website and click the “Apply Now” button next to the card you’re interested in. The online application process is easy, secure, convenient, and takes only ten minutes. You will be required to submit information including your Social Security Number, gross income, employer name, and mortgage amount. Applicants may receive a decision in as little as 60 seconds.

PNC Credit Card

First, compare credit card offers from PNC, and pick a card you like. The application process is easy and takes less than 5 minutes – you may even receive a response immediately. You will be required to share your Social Security Number, details of your monthly housing payment, and total annual income. If approved, expect your card to arrive within 4 to 10 days.

Beyond Convenience, Credit Cards Offer Several Advantages

– Ability to build credit

– Rewards such as cashback or miles points

– Ability to put a hold on a hotel room or rental car booking

– Increased purchasing power

– Useful for emergencies or unplanned expenses

– Lesser risk than debit cards as they are not linked to checking or savings account