SUVs and sedans are the two bestselling types of vehicles in America today. If you’re considering buying a car, you may already believe that you prefer one of these types over the other. But, you need to consider whether it actually fits your current and future needs or whether it’s just something you desire. Here, we’ve listed the advantages of each type of car to help you decide.


SUVs are becoming more and more car-like than ever. But what no car can beat them on is space. That advantage is for SUVs alone. Whether you need to carry more passengers or more cargo, an SUV will have the space you need. Your passengers can stretch out and ride in comfort.

SUVs are also highly capable vehicles. Most have an all-wheel drive. If you often encounter extreme weather conditions or drive off-road, an SUV is a better choice for you.

Another advantage is the visibility offered by a higher seating position and larger surrounding windows and windshields.


Sedans are generally safer than SUVs. SUVs are getting modern safety features today, but the latest features usually arrive in sedans first. They also have closed lockable trunks that offer safe and private storage for valuables.

Sedans easily defeat SUVs in the fuel economy battle. Most are powered by a four-cylinder engine that balances power and efficiency. Even the sedans with V6s are more efficient as sedans are significantly lighter than SUVs.

Sedans also enjoy a low center of gravity and are much more stable and easier to drive. Chances of rollovers in sedans are lower than those in SUVs.  Parking them is much easier too.

Sedans are also much more affordable than SUVs. You can even get higher trim levels with extra features, and it will still cost less than an equivalent SUV. So they’re cheaper to buy and cheaper to live with.


These combine the drivability of sedans with the interior space of SUVs. Most have efficient engines but aren’t as efficient as sedans. But they often have AWD like SUVs. They also offer better visibility than sedans. Crossovers are even available in all sizes. They have limitations but seem to combine useful elements from both worlds.